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Ningbo Geshuo Motor company (GSM) is Invested by GROSCHOPP AG Germany in 2007 ,locatedin Beilun, Ningbo. . GSM is a manufacturer of highly engineered fractional horsepower electricmotors and gearmotors for OEM and distribution products. Our technical team is supported byGROSCHOPP AG who is experienced in providing integrated solutions for demanding applications.*Based on problem solving, including new development and specific tailored special request fromour customers.*Full line of AC, DC, brushless motor with an output range of up to 1.000 Watts, resp. 2.500Watts.*Standard program comprises skeleton type- and housed motors for usage on DC, AC and3-phase currents. These can be combined with worm-, spur- and planet-reducer gears withratios of up to 150.000:1 and output torque of 60Nm, resp. 350Nm.

Our company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification




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